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Owner of a unique style that dialogs with multiple platforms, Marcio Leitão a.k.a Squarehead, combines live action, design and motion graphics to create dynamism and energetic pieces, all of them beautifully crafted. 
Squarehead started his career as an editor which collaborates today as one of his most important signatures. His work reflects a blending of local culture and plurality resulting in a great storytelling. 
Among his work there are films for clients like Visa, Coca-Cola, Electrolux, Brahma (Beverage), Samsung, GM, Ford, Peugeot, Honda, Nubank, Bradesco Bank, Netflix, Facebook, Heineken, Riot and Getty Images.


Squarehead is one of the most awarded Latin America directors. His branded content project for Getty Images, Endless Stories won 5 lions at Cannes, including Film and Film Craft, took the International Excellence category at AICP(part of MoMa's NY permanent collection), the Grand Prix at Wave Festival and top awards in many other international festivals such as Ciclope, Shots, LIA, NY Festival,One Show, Wave, El Sol, Shark,  El Ojo and FIAP. 49º most awarded campaign of 2018 (The creative 100/ warc);
67 most awarded campaign of 2019 (The creative 100/ warc). 
Recently, in 2023 he won a Clio Entertainment Award  for CBLOL Riot Games in 3 different categories (Gold in direction, Silver in Live Action/Trailer and Silver in Film) and for the same campaign he got an El Ojo (Silver in Audiovisual Production).
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